Following a nationally growing trend, the Alabama Board of Landscape Architects has adopted a new policy affecting your continuing education. You are now required to have 16 hours of continuing education each year (an increase of one hour). At least half of those hours are now required to be related to maintaining or improving the health, safety and welfare of the general public.

This means that during each calendar year, you’ll need to earn at least 8 hours of continuing education relating to health, safety and welfare that will be applied to your next year’s license. And remember, you can carry over hours earned after October 15 to the following year if you have already fulfilled your CE requirement prior to that date.

Examples of health, safety and welfare topics include, but are not limited to, site design, environmental or land use analysis, life safety, landscape architectural programming, site and soils analysis, accessibility, structural systems considerations, lateral forces, building codes, storm water management, playground safety, evaluation and selection of building systems, products or materials, construction methods, contract documentation, construction administration, and building design, etc.

Failure to include topics on health, safety and welfare in your continuing education will result expiration of your State of Alabama Landscape Architect license effective December 31. Please don’t let that happen.

CE Providers: For any CE event you would like to host, please submit your syllabus to the Board Office and it will be forwarded to the CE Committee for review:

Montgomery Whitewater Park, Montgomery, AL
Fallen Heroes Memorial, Mobile, AL
Private Residence, Birmingham, AL